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The importance of ESD garments for electronic production line.

With the development of technology, industrial products comes into the precision, production processes gradually diversified , so the product on the production line made more stringent requirements, which is a worrisome electrostatic problems, products, and will give a little negligence causing bodily harm . Therefore, the production line operator and workers need to wear ESD garments, like ESD coat,ESD coverall, ESD jackets.

As we all know, the human body is the greatest threat which caused static electricity ,even a bend of action is enough to produce electrostatic breakdown chip electrostatic . Electrostatic hazards with certain degree of secrecy , static wounded products, but did not completely damage the product.

Wearing ESD garments can effectively prevent the accumulation of body static timely discharge static electricity. It is a dedicated anti-static clean fabric production. This dedicated polyester filament fabrics , warp or weft weaving conductive fibers embedded . Using a dedicated garment bag to make machinery sewing process, effectively reducing the generation of particles . Velcro avoid dust pollution due to hair loss . According to the level required to provide different styles and uses conductive fibers sewn , so that all parts of garments to maintain electrical continuity ; sleeves and pants for the unique two-tier structure , the inner conductive or antistatic rib, dust-free environment to meet the requirements of high-level .

Practice shows that the ESD garments can effectively inhibit the body's static electricity , eliminate or reduce static discharge hazards. Thus , it is very essential for the operator and workers to wear ESD garments while working in the electronic production line.

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