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Tarri Statitech offers ESD brushes with good quality

Tarri Statitech now can offer our clients ESD brushes with good quality as well as good prices,like ESD flat brush,ESD round brush,ESD U shaped brush,ESD tooth brush,ESD spudger. And also,please don't forget we can accept customized ESD brushes.

The handle of our brushes is made disppative PP material, with the surface resistivity between 10^6 Ohms and 10^9 Ohms. And the bristle is made of PA material,with a surface resistance between 10^3 Ohms and 10^5 ohms.It is not producing dust,resistant to high temp,clean dust and static from PCB and sensitive electronics products.

Please come to tarri statitech to choose the right ESD brushes.

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