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Recommended cleaning process for ESD garments

The carbon suffused monofilament nylon used in our ESD garments is sensitive to heat,alkali,acids,softeners and bleach.In order to keep the ESD properties of the garments,please follow up the following instuctions for ESD garments:

1:Wash in lukewarm water,no more than 40C(104F) with liquid laundry detergent i.e.liquid tide,liquid lemon dash,liquid cheer,oxydol etc.Do not use laundry detergents which contain added fabric softeners or bleach.

2:In case of severe soil or grease,stronger liquid detergents can be used  if they do not contain added chlorine bleach.

3:Do not bleach;do not use alkali,acid or fabric softeners.Do not dry clean

4:Hang dry or dry at 50C (120F) or less.

Usually no ironing will be needed,as a special additive is used during the finishing process of our woven fabric.Nevertheless,the ESD garments can be ironed at medium temperature.

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