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How does electronics industry control static?

According to the principle of electrostatic discharge occurs, the damage and the law, in order to prevent damage caused by electrostatic discharge can follow the following principles, to establish an effective anti-static control measures.

a), to reflect the design of the static control

b), to prevent the build-up of electrostatic charge, inhibit, reduce the generation of static electricity

c), a rapid and safe discharge channel

d), the effectiveness of the anti-static measures to detect and monitor

1, the static control embodied in the design

(1) anti-static design and production environment

Anti-static design of electronic products, the production environment is the key ESD control, according to the design of an electronic device insulating film, the whole electrostatic sensitive devices (ESDS) resistance to electrostatic breakdown voltage resistance, static properties, and production equipment. The manufacturer must identify a specific ESD control level, which is determined by the production process of the most sensitive elements, the production environment must guarantee the level of security. According DGJ08-83-2000 "anti-static engineering point of order" provides detailed engineering design to control static three levels: a standard for the control room is not greater than the absolute value of the electrostatic potential 100V; two standards for the absolute value of electrostatic potential in the control room not more than 200V; three criteria for the control room is not greater than the absolute value of the electrostatic potential of 1000V.

Due to electrostatic damage to the invisible, so eliminate ESD hazards, it should be based on prevention, preventive measures. Work area must be set electrostatic protected areas (EPA). According to IEC1340-5-1 (1995) "General requirements specification electronics protection", the core requirements for equipotential bonding EPA is about to personnel, materials, working surface and connected together electrically connected to a common ground, to prevent different objects potential difference is generated between, for ESD does not occur between the same holding potential or zero potential of the material, so EPA environment ESDS device or circuit board, can be from ESD damage.

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