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ESD solution for electronic workshop.

We should notice the following issues when we provided ESD solution for the electronic workshop:
1 ) Protecting the operation site electrostatic ,Static- sensitive devices should operate within anti-static work area .
2 ) Human body electrostatic protection . Operating personnel wear ESD coveralls , ESD gloves, ESD shoes,ESD cap,ESD wrist band.
3 ) Storage electrostatic protection during transport . Storage and transport of electrostatic sensitive devices can not be charged under state .

The requirements of the relevant technical parameters ,to achieve the above functions , the basic approach is to try to reduce the voltage of the charged material , to achieve the design requirements within the safety value . That requires the following formulas ,The charge (Q) and the resistor (R) is smaller, the electrostatic capacitance (C) to be large . V = IR Q = CV ( where V: voltage , Q: charge amount I: Current C: capacitance R: resistance ) .Of course, the resistance value is not as low as possible , especially in the area of large-scale anti-static places leakage and other safety measures must be considered before going into after ,Select the line materials.

ESD solution measures :
1 ) Inspection, installation of ESD protection workplace , aimed at the workplace including human potential is the same , as follows :
A, 1 megohm resistor connected to the ground and then , and wear an ESD wrist strap to operate ;
B, The tester , tools, iron and other ground ;
C,Laying anti -static grounding pad on the work surface ;
D, The operator wear ESD clothing, anti -static shoes ;
E, Laying on the ground floor anti-static or ESD rubber mats ;
F, goods transportation, packaging process should remain the same potential .

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