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ESD protection is quite important when spraying.

In the paint factory air often contains large amounts of volatiles from the paint, diluents, solvents and the like out of the flammable gas. Although equipped with ventilation, exhaust volume but often fail to meet requirements, the explosion of flammable gas could reach these limits. If electrostatic discharge spark,it is very easy to cause a fire explosion. Especially within the job site, it is inevitable that a lot of paint scattered, and work bench, paint everywhere inside the exhaust pipe scale, such as in case of fire after the fire would spread rapidly expanding.

  Since most of the coating is a solvent for a variety of combustible diluent, ESD protection generated at the time of spraying is very easy to ignite the discharge, the gas detonation of these solvents. So, how to prevent electrostatic spraying paint hazards can not be ignored. In order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity caused a fire, the gun should be equipped with an electrostatic device to exclude, such as using a good grounding devices; operatives better wear resistance of 105 ~ 108Ω ESD shoes; definitely not wearing insulated work shoes; spraying nonmetal parts when continuous spraying time should not be more than one and a half minutes. To maintain good ventilation in the spray workshop, reduce the accumulation of flammable gases in the air; for loose paint should always clear. Without affecting the quality of the premise, spraying workshop watering can to increase the indoor air humidity, but also to reduce the accumulation of static electricity. Number of paint workshop storage room should not be too much, generally do not exceed the amount of a shift.So ESD protection is quite important when spraying.


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