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ESD brush and tweezer

ESD brush and tweezer
  • ESD flat brush
    ESD flat brush

    Straight Handle Anti Static Brushes Conductive Nylon Flat Brush For PCB Cleaning     Product Description for ESD anti static flat brush:   ESD flat Brush is made of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protective materials to protect compenents from being demaged by static electricity and electrostatic.It is dust free,high temperature resistant...

  • ESD tooth brush
    ESD tooth brush

    Cranked Handle ESD Nylon Tooth Brush , Anti Static PCB Cleaning Brush     Product Features for Anti Static ESD tooth brush:    Ideal for cleaning PCBs or electronics compenents  Suitable for abrasion and residue removal  Soft bristle made of nylon  Dust free,high temperature resistance  Dissipat...

  • U shaped ESD brush
    U shaped ESD brush

    Anti Static Conductive Brushes ESD Plastic Brush With U Shape Handle     Product Description for U handle ESD anti static plastic brush:   ESD plastic Brush with U shaped handle is dust free,high temperature resistant and ideal for cleaning PCB or electronics compenents ,which is made of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protective mate...

  • ESD round brush
    ESD round brush

    Round Handle Anti Static Cleaning Brush ESD Round Brushes For Electronics Parts   Product Features for Round handle ESD anti static plastic brush:    Dust free,high temperature resistance  Dissipative handle made of conductive PP  Light weight and easy maintenance  Ideal for cleaning PCBs or electronics compen...

  • ESD brush
    ESD brush

      SGS Black Conductive Anti Static Brushes Pointed Handle ESD Safe Brush       Product Features for  Pointed handle ESD anti static safe brush:    Dust free,high temperature resistance  Suitable for abrasion and residue removal  Dissipative handle made of conductive PP  Light...

  • ESD spudger
    ESD spudger

    Flat Tip Anti Static Spudger ESD Repair Tool For Iphone Ipad MAC Laptops       Product Features for  ESD spudger,ESD repair tool:    Flat tip  Dust free,high temperature resistance  Suitable for abrasion and residue removal  Made of conductive nylon material  Light weight and easy main...

  • ESD plastic tweezer
    ESD plastic tweezer

    ESD Tweezers Anti Static Plastic Tweezer 115mm Length   Product Description for Anti Static ESD plastic tweezer:   Anti static ESD plastic tweezer is made of mixtured material from carbon fiber and dissipative plastic,surface resistance is less than 10 8   ohms. It is of good elastic,durable,dust free,acid and alkali resistance,high temperature resistance up to 200...

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