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Anti static tape and lables

Anti static tape and lables
  • ESD kapton tape
    ESD kapton tape

    33m 0.03mm - 0.125mm Anti Static Tape ESD Kapton Tapes Single Side High Temperature Resistance      Product Description for ESD anti static kapton tape:   ESD anti static kapton tape is made of polyimide film with silicone adhesive coated on the film.It has excellent high temperature resistance,which can withstand up to 280ºC temperature.It is ide...

  • ESD polyimide tape
    ESD polyimide tape

    Dark brown Anti Static Silicone Adhesive Tape ESD Polyimide Tapes Die Cutting     Product Features for ESD anti static kapton tape:    Made of polyimide film  Silicone adhesive type  High temperature resistance up to 280ºC  High mechanical strenght  Excellent dielectric properties  Smoo...

  • Double sided ESD polyimide tape
    Double sided ESD polyimide tape

    Insulation Anti Static Tape / 0.125mm Double Sided Adhesive Tape ESD Polyimide Film       Application to Double side ESD anti static polyimide tape:    Mainly used in paint, paint sealing, shoe type, packaging, building decoration and other industries  Electronic industry in transformer, motor, coil, cap...

  • ESD masking tape
    ESD masking tape

    ESD Anti Static Masking Tape Polymide Film Dark Brown Coffee Black 2mm - 500mm Width       Product Features for  ESD masking tape:    Made of polyimide film  High temperature masking tape  Pressure sensitive adhesive tape with silicone   Excellent dielectric properties  &n...

  • ESD grid tape
    ESD grid tape

    Conductive Adhesive Anti Static Tape Opp Film ESD Grid Tape For Packing     Product Description for  Anti static ESD grid tape:   ESD anti static grid tape is made of dissipative OPP material,which is self adhesive,ESD safe,silicone free and low residues.It is designed  to protect static sensitive products from static elec...

  • ESD warning tape
    ESD warning tape

    PE Anti Static ESD Warning Tape Yellow 30 yard 50 yard For Marking Static Sensitive Area     Product Description for  Anti static ESD warning tape:   ESD warning tape,ESD caution tape is made of PE film.It is designed to mark the static sensitive area,carton warning,package warning .     Product Features...

  • ESD marking tape
    ESD marking tape

    PVC ESD Marking Tape 18m 0.5mm Anti Static Caution Tape Self adhesive     Product Features for  ESD Anti static warning tape:    Made of PVC film  Good in Wear-resisting, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant  Self adhesive backing  ESD safe  Ideal for marking static s...

  • ESD copper tape
    ESD copper tape

    ESD Condutive Copper Foil Adhesive Tape 50m For Anti Static Floor Tile     Product Description for ESD copper foil tape:   The copper foil is of a low surface oxygen characteristics, can be attached to a variety of different substrates such as metal, insulating materials, etc., within a wide temperature range. Mainly used for electromag...

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