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  • How to choose ESD shoes?

    Research shows that the staff level of electrostatic charge generated by the body , depending on ESD shoes and flooring materials , so in real environmental conditions , from the staff of the ESD ...

  • The relationship between ESD garments and conductive thread

    Now, with more and more people paying attention to static electricity, many companies have chosen ESD garments for their workers .It also require special requirements for how to sew ESD garments ....

  • How to choose quality cleanroom wiper?

    After you reading the following text, you will know how to choose a quality cleanroom wiper. First, the fabric choices : 1 Basis weight : whether the same kind of fabric the same basis weight 2 ...

  • Why should petrochemical industry workers ESD garments?

    First, the electrostatic hazards in petrochemical industry is very large, static electricity can cause explosions and fire accidents. Because low oil ignition , just a little bit of static spark can ...

  • Workers in electronics factory should wear ESD garments not cotton garments.

    For the workers which work in electronics factory, if they wear uniforms with the outside surface of the medium , between the layers of clothes , underwear and the skin between , until when walking b...

  • ESD gloves should be used in conjunction with ESD mat.

    Nowadays production and life has become increasingly widespread use of ESD products, and ESD garments makes the human body using electrostatic aggregation weakened , ESD gloves to reduce the use ...

  • How to wear ESD garments?

    ESD garments is the strength of the company's flagship product, the company has its own garment production workshop, equipped with a full range of production equipment and professional staff.In ord...

  • Fabric issues of ESD garments caused by static.

    As people 's awareness of the static knowledge deepening and strengthening awareness of anti-static , ESD garments gradually spreads in a number of industries , but there are too many types of ESD ...

  • What should we notice when wearing ESD garments?

    ESD garments are made of conductive polyester material or polycotton material with conductive fiber on the surface for the workplace which is easy to produce static electricity build-up ( like coal...

  • Function of Cleanroom wiper

    Cleanroom wiper can be divided into microfiber cleanroom wiper,polyester cleanroom wiper and non-woven cleanroom wiper,it has functions as follows: 1, quickly remove oil: The lipophilic fiber, c...

  • How to choose ESD gloves?

    There are many varieties of ESD gloves ,such as ESD polyester gloves , ESD carbon gloves , ESD copper gloves , should be based on the selection of protective functions. First, the object of protect...

  • How to find quality ESD garments?

    ESD garments from the protection of the skin and hair particles has a branch in the production process are subject to rigorous definition and monitoring conditions . Pharmaceutical, semiconductor, ...

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