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  • Relevant Parameters Of ESD Gloves

    ESD gloves is a economy material for electronics and clean room environment. Wearing an ESD gloves to avoid direct contact with the operator finger static-sensitive components, and the operator c...

  • ESD PVC Tile

    ESD PVC tile also called static dissipative pvc tile is a floor, when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can be dissipated to the resistance between 105 to 109Ω c...

  • Introduction about ESD coveralls

    ESD coveralls with white or light blue twill or plain weave is made of ESD fabric. Electro-conductive yarn containing a certain percentage of the fabric yarns, the conductive yarn is also a certain...

  • ESD properties of ESD wrist strap

    Using ESD wrist strap for ground operations workers. This is simple approach but the least expensive method of controlling a static electricity, and can produce the most direct effect. Before ...

  • What special industry needs to wear ESD garments?

    Transportation: When airframe with air, water, gas, dust and other particles friction causes the aircraft charged, if no measures are taken, it will seriously interfere with the normal operation of ...

  • Difference between ordinary cleanroom wiper and microfiber cleanroom wiper

    Ordinary cleanroom wiper is made of 100% polyester fiber pairs woven, which is soft surface and easy to clean sensitive surfaces,It is not from fiber friction, but with good water absorption and cl...

  • The technology and features for cleanroom sticky mat

    Cleanroom sticky mats also is called adhesive mat as well as known as sticky mat,which is using the latest synthetic chemical principles and methods that can make the surface sticky Thin and balanc...

  • How to wash ESD gloves?

    Since the ESD gloves themselves are made of mixing conductive fibers,so it is better to use scientific methods to help us eliminate static electricity hazards worn, but the light is not enough sci...

  • Some ways to control body static in cleanroom.

         ESD PVC tile , to control the body static, the most effective measure is to make the body and the earth with "connected" or "ground." Only human contact with the earth, the ...

  • How to test cleanroom wiper.

    1.The quality of cleanroom wiper is good or not, depending on the thickness,basic weight and also the material, the heavier the better, the thicker the better.So we should choose different weight o...

  • How to choose a suitable cleanroom wiper?

    Also known as cleanroom cloth , clean room wiper is a common tool for cleaning. To choose the right Wiper,here comes some tips for your reference: First, Wiper options: 1 Basis weight: isotype i...

  • How to choose good ESD wrist strap?

    As a static equipment in the most basic consumption goods, ESD wrist strap is the widespread use of electrostatic sensitive gone. It is easy to operate, affordable, and simple to use. It works t...

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