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  • Function of Cleanroom wiper

    Cleanroom wiper can be divided into microfiber cleanroom wiper,polyester cleanroom wiper and non-woven cleanroom wiper,it has functions as follows: 1, quickly remove oil: The lipophilic fiber, c...

  • The trends and analysis of ESD products

    ESD can be divided into preventing static and preventing static damage, electrostatic protection work is a long-term and systematic project, any part of the mistakes and omissions will lead to fail...

  • How to choose ESD gloves?

    There are many varieties of ESD gloves ,such as ESD polyester gloves , ESD carbon gloves , ESD copper gloves , should be based on the selection of protective functions. First, the object of protect...

  • How to find quality ESD garments?

    ESD garments from the protection of the skin and hair particles has a branch in the production process are subject to rigorous definition and monitoring conditions . Pharmaceutical, semiconductor, ...

  • What is ESD dotted glove?

    What is ESD dotted glove? ESD dotted gloves or called anti static dotted glove are made of special polyester material with conductive fiber, conductive fiber spacing is 10mm. ESD dotted glov...

  • What is ESD stripped glove?

    From this text, you can learn what is ESD stripped gloves . ESD stripped gloves is made of special polyester with conductive fiber,And a conductive substrate is made of polyester fibers, conductiv...

  • How to discharge static from human body?

    How to discharge static from Human body? Static is always there in our daily life, if you can’t control it,it will make a big damage, especially in electronic industries. There are 3 ite...

  • ESD finger cots

    Brief description: With acid alkali performance, thick, strong wear can also be reused, ESD finger cots has a good protection; rough surface provides a good grip and slip resistance; finger cots t...

  • What should we notice when installing ESD rubber mat?

    ESD rubber mat is made of antistatic materials, static dissipative materials and synthetic rubber made by a variety of processes.Normally, it is two layers, surface layer which is a little thin (ab...

  • Cleanroom wiper

    The surface of cleanroom wiper is soft, easy to clean sensitive surfaces, not from the fiber friction, good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Cleaning products and packaging are done in a c...

  • How does ESD wrist strap work?

    ESD wrist strap consists of anti-static elastic band, activities, snaps, spring cord, Protection resistor and a plug or chuck composition.The inner elastic anti-static yarn weaving, knitting yarn o...

  • Quality ESD gloves

    Quality ESD gloves are made of polyester fibers or nylon fibre with conductive fiber,such as ESD strip glove , ESD dotted glove , ESD carbon PU top fit glove , ESD carbon PU palm fit glove , Clea...

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