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  • How to wash ESD gloves?

    Since the ESD gloves themselves are made of mixing conductive fibers,so it is better to use scientific methods to help us eliminate static electricity hazards worn, but the light is not enough sci...

  • Some ways to control body static in cleanroom.

         ESD PVC tile , to control the body static, the most effective measure is to make the body and the earth with "connected" or "ground." Only human contact with the earth, the ...

  • How to test cleanroom wiper.

    1.The quality of cleanroom wiper is good or not, depending on the thickness,basic weight and also the material, the heavier the better, the thicker the better.So we should choose different weight o...

  • ESD protection is quite important when spraying.

    In the paint factory air often contains large amounts of volatiles from the paint, diluents, solvents and the like out of the flammable gas. Although equipped with ventilation, exhaust volume but oft...

  • ESD Solution

    A standard set of ESD solution is carried out according to the user's operating environment specific analysis, when the electrostatic has occurred or when it is only in its infancy,it is the right ...

  • How to choose a suitable cleanroom wiper?

    Also known as cleanroom cloth , clean room wiper is a common tool for cleaning. To choose the right Wiper,here comes some tips for your reference: First, Wiper options: 1 Basis weight: isotype i...

  • How to choose good ESD wrist strap?

    As a static equipment in the most basic consumption goods, ESD wrist strap is the widespread use of electrostatic sensitive gone. It is easy to operate, affordable, and simple to use. It works t...

  • How to choose ESD shoes?

    Research shows that the staff level of electrostatic charge generated by the body , depending on ESD shoes and flooring materials , so in real environmental conditions , from the staff of the ESD ...

  • ESD solution for LED industries.

    The main measures to how to provide ESD solution  are: static leakage and dissipation , electrostatic neutralization, electrostatic shielding and grounding , humidifiers and so on. ESD ...

  • How can we provide ESD protection work effectively for decontamination project?

    Industrial production, purification and ESD protection , dust protection matters are two indispensable work , in a sense , the two are complementary, because static electricity is the main source of...

  • The relationship between ESD garments and conductive thread

    Now, with more and more people paying attention to static electricity, many companies have chosen ESD garments for their workers .It also require special requirements for how to sew ESD garments ....

  • How to choose quality cleanroom wiper?

    After you reading the following text, you will know how to choose a quality cleanroom wiper. First, the fabric choices : 1 Basis weight : whether the same kind of fabric the same basis weight 2 ...

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